Apr 26

Woo.This blog is kinda rusty.I’ve stayed away for quite some time now.Dayumnnn.Despite all that,when I look back at all the posts I re-blogged,I just laugh my ass off again and again.AHAHA,HA HA……..ha.Good times 

I feel embarrassed looking at my old posts that sounded soo…emo.Its like I have nothing better to do,than to rant and rant and rant about this person,how life sucks,how everything’s so messed up.Why?

I dont want to be this negative person,who’s always not happy and  cant stand other people just cause they have issues that I can simply encounter by actually NOT GIVING A SINGLE FUCK.

Omg,this is turning into an anger-emo post.Well….its self talk,*pats shoulders*

But seriously,I think the best thing to do when you want to clear your head is just by not overthinking things and try to do whatever it is you want to do in moderation.I’ve tried pushing myself,and I dont like this person I’m turning into.So negative,frowning all the time.Why?Why?

I’ll tell myself if the efforts you make turns fruitful,praise to the Almighty

But if you’ve tried and you still feel like you can’t make it,turn to the Almighty too.

A friend said maybe to find serenity,you need turn to God.Some sort of piece of mind,heart and soul is somehow always there.

I think she’s right.

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When everything in the shop is on sale but your still too poor to buy anything



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